Welcome to College of Arts & Crafts

College of Arts & Crafts was established at Govind Mitra Road, Patna on 25th January 1939, by Late Shri Radha Mohan Ji. Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the first member of the Management Committee of this college. Government of Bihar took control of this famous college in the year 1949 and in the name of Government School of Arts & Crafts, it used to offer five year Diploma programmes. But, during the year 1957, the school was shifted to Vidyapati Marg, where it stands today with a newly built structure and consisting of a student's hostel as well. The institution was renamed on 12th April 1977 to Government College of Arts & Crafts and is affiliated with Patna University. The college is situated 3 km away from the Patna Railway Station and is at a distance of about 2.5 km away from Gandhi Maidan.

College of Arts & Crafts, Patna is an institution for advanced training in Visual Arts (Creative and Applied) leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (4 year, eight semester) professional course of the Patna University. This college has been selected for center of excellence under Patna University. The objective of the teaching programme and training in the college is to achieve overall refinement of the student's perception not confined to the skills of the profession alone but also to create the right kind of intellect, as well as emotional cultivation to arrive at a level of composite creativity and thought.